Ian Wadsworth was born on the 6th of June 1978 in Burton upon Trent in England. His first introduction to art was through drawing lessons with his Grandfather an oil painter.


At school Ian Wadsworth was introduced to surrealism, symbolism. by  an inspiring art teacher. This same teacher encouraged Ian Wadsworth to take art further.


In 1993 Ian Wadsworth went to Burton College to study art.  He became interested in digital art, and Cyber punk. He then went on to further study graphic design and to explore computer arts.


In 1996 Ian Wadsworth went to the University of Wales. To study graphic design.


In the 2000s Ian Wadsworth moved to London and entered the graphic design and advertising industry .


In 2008 to 2014 He became a Lecturer  Teaching subjects such as Visual Communication, Multimedia, Graphic Design. Ian Wadsworth self published two books titled: ‘Under The Influence’ and ‘The Time Gambler.’ To promote these two books He produced a solo art exhibition. The exhibition was promoted by by the underground street art blog. ‘Rad dad Collective.’


In the month of October 2012 Ian organized an art exhibition/event called. ‘I Thought I saw Something Beautiful.’ Which was held in a derelict  Mansion. The concept of this event was to create an experience which was similar to walking onto a movie set  of a horror film. The exhibition I thought I Saw Something Beautiful was a collaborative project which involved filmmakers, sculptors, photographers, and writers. Ian Wadsworth created for this exhibition large anatomy drawing which incorporated esoteric symbols.


In 2013 Ian organized the follow up art exhibition to ‘I Thought I Saw Something Beautiful.’ Called ‘I Thought I saw something.’ This time the event was held in a forest at night. This again was a collaborative project. In preparation for this exhibition Ian would do heavy research into the occult and made regular visits to the Museum of Witchcraft in Cornwall and read extensively books such as the 'Golden Bough'. Throughout the event Ian would incorporate esoteric symbolism into the environment of the woods He developed a fictional storyline for the event and created tattooed  calf leather wraps and shrines.


2015 to date . The Coptic cards are a current ongoing project which Ian Wadsworth is developing based upon the tarot deck the Coptic cards is an exploration of the symbolism and the meditative potential of the Tarot. The Coptic cards use ancient magical systems and incorporates Enochian writing to enhance the meditative use. The artwork is designed to perform like a Rorschach, allowing the audience to see more detail as they progress into transient states of consciousness.



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