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Visual Artist


The Coptic cards


2015 to date . The Coptic cards are a current ongoing project which Ian  is developing based upon the tarot deck  The Coptic cards use ancient magical systems and incorporate Enochian writing to enhance the meditative use. The artwork is designed to perform like a Rorschach, allowing the audience to see more detail as they progress  into transient state of consciousness.

Garuda The Chariot

I Thought I Saw Something Beautiful


In the month of October 2012 Ian organized an art exhibition/event called. ‘I Thought I saw Something Beautiful.’ Which was held in derelict  Mansion. The concept of this event was to create an experience which was similar to walking onto the movie set  of a horror film. The exhibition I Thought I Saw Something Beautiful was a collaborative project which involved filmmakers, sculptors, photographers and writers. Ian Wadsworth created for this exhibition large anatomy drawing which incorporated esoteric symbols.

St Helens House Derby

Interior shot with Ouija Board

Interior installation

Anatomy piece painted in ink and blood

Anatomy piece close up

Skeleton installation (owned by artist.)

I Thought I Saw Something


In 2013 Ian organized the follow up art exhibition to ‘I Thought I Saw Something Beautiful.’ It was called ‘I Thought I saw something.’ This time the event was held in a forest at night. This again was a collaborative project. In preparation for this exhibition Ian would do heavy research into the occult and made regular visits to the Museum of Witchcraft in Cornwall and reading extensively books such as 'The Golden Bough. 'Through out the event Ian would incorporate esoteric symbolism into the environment of the woods. He developed a fictional storyline for the event and created tattooed  calf leather wraps and shrines.

Tattooed leather

The Fools Journey

The Hierophant


The Hermit

The Hanged Man

The Magus

The Tower

El Diablo

Location shot of woods 1

Location shot of woods 2

Symbolism painted on trees

Interior of shrines

Faked newspaper articles.

Aleister Crowley photo installation